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This center is self-supporting through your donations alone. Your contributions allow the monastery to center its programs and outreach.

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Proposed Meditation Kuty (Hut) For Rideekana Forest Monastery

 "Join Us in Building Serenity: Support the Rideekadna Forest Monastery"   Introduction: In the heart of nature, the Rideekadna Forest Monastery stands as a beacon of peace and spiritual growth. Our monastery has been a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility and a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. However, our ability to welcome seekers...

Elevate Our Sanctuary: Support the Expansion of Rideekadna Forest Monastery

Video Link:   "Elevate Our Sanctuary: Support the Expansion of Rideekadna Forest Monastery"   Introduction...

Construction project of three-story accommodation building

You also have the opportunity to make a devotional contribution to the completion of the ground floor and first-floor development work of the three-story building under construction at Rideekanda Forest monastery.

Maintenance Expenses of the Rideekanda Forest Monastery

Your esteemed donations are most welcome for the maintenance expenses of Rideekanda Forest Monastery such as water, electricity, infrastructure services for online retreats etc.,