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About Us

Rideekanda (Silver Hill) forest monastery is a Buddhist meditation training center located on a serene mountain top in a Yatawatta local council in Matale district, Sri Lanka. The mild climate, year-round clement weather, and the forested milieu offer meditation practitioners tranquility to mind and body.

Since the inception of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka by Arahat Mahinda in the 3rd century BCE, the true knowledge and traditions established by Lord Buddha were passed down orally as the order of monks flourished in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura. The famine caused by a severe drought called 'Bamitiya saaya' during king Walagamba's reign prompted the learned monks to turn the orally kept Buddhist scriptures to written format producing the first-ever written Tripitaka. Rising from the same noble order dedicated to preserving true Buddhism and adhering to its principles reside the monks of this monastery. While striving to develop their spiritual understanding of Buddhism and guiding the meditation practitioners who seek the noble path of Buddhism, our resident monks are engaged in a noble mission of propagating the Buddhist philosophy locally and internationally.

The Rideekanda forest monastery offers a profound and pragmatic path to comprehend the noble truths revealed in Buddhism to the seekers of such wisdom, developed with soteriological knowledge gained through extensive study of Tripitaka put into years of practice. Our specialty is the goal-oriented training methodology designed to guide the meditation practitioner to a definite understanding of Buddhist wisdom, with a systematic and progressive exposition of Buddhist philosophy and personalized recommendation of meditation subjects (Kammaṭṭhāna). Our training methodology is based on Lord Buddha's teachings on Samatha, and Vipassana meditation delivered systematically in coherence with the individual's progress in understanding. We believe that a systematic, balanced, and interactive teaching of dhamma helps meditation practitioners steadily progress in the noble path specified in Buddhism.

The meditation programs are designed and supervised by the Chief instructor of Rideekanda Forest Monastery, Royal Pandit Ven. Anuradhapura Ariyajeeva thero. He is an experienced meditation teacher with years of dedicated meditation practice in remote forests in Sri Pada, Anuradhapura, and the Polonnaruwa regions. All meditation programs are conducted by Ven. Ariyajeeva thero, along with his school of instructors.

Our mediation programs include residential retreats and online instructional programs designed to the serious seekers Nibbhana -the ultimate salvation of all suffering, found only in Buddhism. We also offer Buddhist specialized psychological counseling programs to individuals suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Rideekanda Forest Monastery is committed to conserving the ancient tradition and customs of the Buddhist order. Thus, our residential monks continue to practice the preparation of robes, kathina ceremonies and adhere to the custom of alms rounds (pindapatha), the same way they were practiced during ancient times

Plans are also underway to transform the monastery into a Buddhist academic research center to expand the true wisdom in Buddhism to the western world.

The noble mission of this monastery is embodied through our endeavors to preserve true Buddhism for the individual, social, and spiritual well-being of human society.

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Our Team

Ven. Anuradhapura Ariyajeewa thero
Chief Meditation Instructor

Venerable Anuradhapura Ariyajeeva thero

Ven. Anuradhapura Ariyajeewa thero
Chief Meditation Instructor

The most venerable Royal Pandith Anuradhapura Ariyajeewa Thero is the Founder of Ehipassiko International Meditation Center which was started more than ten years ago in the name of 'Ariya Chitta Viveka Senasuna'.

He was high ordained at Asgiriya Maha Viharaya under the preceptorship of the Most Venerable Anamaduwe Sri Dhammadassi Maha Thero who was the Anu Nayaka of Siyam Nikāya, Asgiri Chapter.After the traditional monastic education, he was successfully completed the Rajakeeya Panditha examination and become a scholarly monk.

With his language skills on Sinhala, Pali and Sanskrit, it gave him the confidence to a fine exponent in the Dhamma delivering sermons in a lucid style.

Having acquired a profound knowledge of the Dhamma by studying the Pāli Canon for years, the Venerable Thero collected myriad experiences in his life while living in the forests of Sri Pada, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka for nearly 5 years.

The meditation experiences gained through the forest living, he become the meditation master for teach meditation techniques in which it's guided to the enlightenment.

All his efforts is to deliver the pure and undefined noble teachings of the Buddha and to show that emancipation is practically attainable.


Name of the instructor

Ven.Homagama Rewatha thero BSc in IT, IATA

Presently managing operations while living in Rideekanda Forest Monastery which is located in Udasgiriya, Matale.

Name of the instructor

Ven.Pussalle Ariyadamma Thero B.A (Hons)

Presently managing operations while living in Ehipassiko International Meditation Center, Kurunegala

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Visiting the Monastery

We welcome Buddhist monks, nuns, and lay damma seekers visiting the monastery to fulfill the following objectives.

01. To join meditation programs - You can join any of the scheduled meditation programs in our timetable. You are required to register for the program of your choosing before the starting date. To register for an upcoming program, please visit the Retreat center.

02. You can also visit the monastery for short meditation sessions limited to one day or even a few hours. We recommend you to contact us before such a visit.

You can visit the monastery to meet our meditation instructors on appointment.

04. You can visit us to offer alms to the monks and lay residents at the monastery. You must book a date beforehand for this purpose.

05. You can volunteer to offer your labor to construction projects, events, and general cleaning activities in the monastery by informing us first.

Food/Dana Offering

Food for the residential monks and meditation trainees is generally prepared and offered at the monastery. However, you can provide food to the residential monks on a pre-scheduled day when no training programs are conducted. Due to the difficulty of accessing the monastery by road, we generally collect all food provisions before commencement of a training program.

The monstary has all facilities and appliances required to cook and prepare food that you can use.

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