Making of Pathra

Every day Buddhist Monks, young and old make their early morning alms collection called Pindapathaya , mostly of prepared food that they eat when they return to the temple. People look out for the monks from their homes, markets or certain places where they know monks usually pass to make their offerings. They put food in the Pathra (bowls) that the monks carry, the monks then chants a blessing before moving on. The practice of giving plays an important part in developing spirituality among Buddhist people and the alms bowl is very symbolic of this.


Pathraya is a most important part of the Buddhist Monks where, the ancient days monks were used clay and steel Pathra. The natural black lacquer finish is to be made on the surface of the Pathraya before use. This black lacquer finish is made by using natural sesame oil.


Use of sesame oil to make the black lacquer on the Pathraya, is acting as a germicidal environment when eating food as well as the natural black color is more convenient when monks who are living in forest.

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